domenica 16 gennaio 2011


I'm currently at the fourth season of "the L word" and i know there're 2 to go, but i know either that i've watched at these 4 in a lil bit of time and probably i'll be done in a week or two, due to this fact i'll have to find another tv-serie which is enough amazing as this, otherwise i'll get in the depth of sadness as it happened when i watched every single "queer as folk usa" episode (i didn't like the british one, it was so "pale"..).
I might go for something really gay like "Glee" 'cause i like gay-ish musicals like "Naked boys singing" or "The big gay musical" (but it seems to be a trend at the moment, so i don't know if it's really worth my attention, anyway i'll have a look) or i don't know any further alternative. I find myself in a dilemma, what should i do?

~ Olsen i need your help XD ~

Heureux et ètonné

Comment peux je savoir que cela pour que je n'ai pas dormi et cela auquel je pensai tout la semaine fut une ainsi innocent question? Tienne tendrèsse est toujours plus extraordinaire et maintenant je ne peux que pensér à toi,
Dors et rêve, mon petit-ami, j'attrendrai tien réveil.

venerdì 14 gennaio 2011


J'ai ras le bol d'être appelé salaud seulement pour que je n'approuve pas tiennes choix, c'est toi la trou du cul. tu n'as pas intéressé jamais de rien, tu seule en tien monde, je me n'intéresse pas si maintenant tu es malade, souviens-toi de tous les fois que j'ai eu bésoin de toi et tu ne fus pas ici pour moi. Je me sens mal pour la situation, tu n'es pas l'unique personne qui souffre. Tu fus une batârde bien plutôt de quand tu commenças à te sentir mal. Stronza

giovedì 13 gennaio 2011


Glóandi augu, silfurnátt
Blóð alvöru, starir á
Óður hundur er í vígamóð, í maga... mér

Kolniður gref, kvik sem dreg hér
Kolniður svart, hvergi bjart né

Kolniður og myrkur úti 
En í mér, ríkir óveður

Kolniður og dimmur lekur blek
Ég reyni og brenni báta skel

Langt móldur og okkur
Myrkur grám, grám hér
Dauða hjár, linnurst, skrjáfandi

Ein brý áður, ég út von nei
Sjálfur blindur á, yfir nóg
Og ég kjústigpað um... 

(Dúru rurú)
(Dúru rurú) 

mercoledì 12 gennaio 2011

Coldly warm

I don't know why i've found myself in this, i've always hated the cold winter very much and enjoyed the summer. But when i think of a natural landscape drawn by trees and waterfalls and rivers and a cold light blue sky i feel so calm, quiet and relaxed. I would visit places like Canada or Iceland, Norway, Finland, Sweden and these ones are all bound to the concept of "cold temperature", "snow", "ice". I can feel something spiritual when i look at the pictures of these countries, they have an environment that i could hardly find here in Italy, they're wild and free but at the same time they're relaxing, i would lie down on the grass or float over the water laying on a wooden raft, i would climb on a mountain till i reach the top and look at the waterfalls beneath my feet, i would feel the wind blowing on my cheeks, with a violin or a xilophon at the top with only the sky looking at me from an higher position, following the melody of the earth.

sabato 8 gennaio 2011

A nice side dish to dress the wait

I'll spend the whole week trying to figure out what you're going to tell me sunday, i'm not scared 'cause you asked me not to be so.
Ok i'm terribly scared but in a positive way, and i feel uneasy, but yet i'm glad you decided to discuss something tête-à-tête instead of typing, i'm very lucky you don't speak english XD.

giovedì 6 gennaio 2011

The timeglass drops down its sand grains too slowly

These twelve days are driving me really anxious, there are ten more to go and i feel unpatient, i guess the moment will repay the wait. It's only for 2 weeks, then i'll kiss your lips and stroke your nose with mine :)