mercoledì 12 gennaio 2011

Coldly warm

I don't know why i've found myself in this, i've always hated the cold winter very much and enjoyed the summer. But when i think of a natural landscape drawn by trees and waterfalls and rivers and a cold light blue sky i feel so calm, quiet and relaxed. I would visit places like Canada or Iceland, Norway, Finland, Sweden and these ones are all bound to the concept of "cold temperature", "snow", "ice". I can feel something spiritual when i look at the pictures of these countries, they have an environment that i could hardly find here in Italy, they're wild and free but at the same time they're relaxing, i would lie down on the grass or float over the water laying on a wooden raft, i would climb on a mountain till i reach the top and look at the waterfalls beneath my feet, i would feel the wind blowing on my cheeks, with a violin or a xilophon at the top with only the sky looking at me from an higher position, following the melody of the earth.

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