domenica 16 gennaio 2011


I'm currently at the fourth season of "the L word" and i know there're 2 to go, but i know either that i've watched at these 4 in a lil bit of time and probably i'll be done in a week or two, due to this fact i'll have to find another tv-serie which is enough amazing as this, otherwise i'll get in the depth of sadness as it happened when i watched every single "queer as folk usa" episode (i didn't like the british one, it was so "pale"..).
I might go for something really gay like "Glee" 'cause i like gay-ish musicals like "Naked boys singing" or "The big gay musical" (but it seems to be a trend at the moment, so i don't know if it's really worth my attention, anyway i'll have a look) or i don't know any further alternative. I find myself in a dilemma, what should i do?

~ Olsen i need your help XD ~

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  1. Hmm. I'm not crazy over Glee, though I know alot of people around me are.. But I can say some of the episodes are worth seeing.

    I'm watching 'The big C'.

  2. Here's the trailer