martedì 14 dicembre 2010


Today's the demonstration that people's thoughts don't count anything in democracy XD. Anyway this morning i went to a manifestation held by students and teachers while in the Parliament, the authorities were up to decide about the "life" of the actual government (government hahaha). The final result? The Senate and the Chamber have already stated for the continuation of this circus. We're f***ed.
Moreover, i've just received sanction notices for about 240€ for things occured the last summer that i don't even recollect. What a nice xmas present XD. I wish i could fall asleep and then wake up the 24th of december, perhaps having my dad who didn't notice about the sanctions XD.
By the way the best present i would receive this christmas would be a kiss from a particular person, as long as he notices me ^^.

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