mercoledì 15 dicembre 2010

So we both can speak in tongues

It's fun to play with other languages while we so often can't be understood by others when we use our own one. That's a relevant matter. I think that the first ones who try to misunderstand, to avoid, to shut their ears are us (nice i don't remember if here i would have used a subject or an object. let's do for the object).
It's even more important to find a way to convey a message than to find out what to say exactly ^^.
Now, here, i feel "shielded" just because i'm using another way of speaking, instead of my language, i'm using another one. Everyone can translate it and understand what i've just typed and my "mask" would immediately take off, but i'm not afraid of that. Yup, i'm not writing anything personal or particular, but i feel really at ease when i write/speak/whatever in a different way from every-day's. But why?


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