mercoledì 8 dicembre 2010

A kiss against Homophobia!

It's shameful that a country which belongs to EU, doesn't take in account human rights. Yup, I don't know what foreign newspapers tell about the boot-shaped one but here human rights are, the most of times, not guaranteed.
Today, it's an important day for the bloodiest religion in the world, whose most influent men believe that Italy isn't a laic country and want to make people think the same. Then the LGBT organizations pinned an important event on the calendar, right on the 8th of december, to tell this ones and people who follow them (who believe that homosexuallity is a disease, that the cancers of the world aren't the hunger that starves people all around the world, war, the diseases we can't yet take care of, and the hate among human beings, but abortion, homosexuallity and atheism. Who offered their word to save the life of a woman in another country who was going to be killed for having betrayed her husband and didn't say nothing for a guy who was going to be executed too but for homosexuality), that we are here and it doesn't matter if the Pope abuses of its power to make police block the roads of Rome where the demonstration was going to happen, because the demonstration will occur anyway, all along Rome and Milan. Today they'll have to face the fact that people are tired of polluted politics, of tainted acts and mediaeval way of thinking.

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